Sporting Chance 24-hour One-to-One Counselling

What is it?

These services are provided for current and retired professional squash players competing on the PSA Tour, fully funded by the PSA Foundation. One-to-one counselling is a form of talking therapy designed to move individuals forward to a place of balanced emotional wellbeing. To facilitate treatment, Sporting Chance has a large network of highly qualified and fully insured counsellors. All the counsellors in their network operate within guidelines and principles established with Sporting Chance; some are ex-professional sportsmen or women who have trained as therapists or counsellors after retiring from sport. 

What to expect when you contact Sporting Chance:
  • If you are making the initial call, it will be answered by a trained counsellor in English
  • Alternatively, you can complete their contact form and a trained counsellor will give you a call in your choice of language
  • During the initial call or message, let them know you are a squash player from the PSA Tour.
  • You can say where you are calling from, so that future correspondence or sessions with a counsellor work for you and your time zone. 
  • If you’re having any follow up phone or video calls, these will happen within 24 hours of the initial call, from a trained therapist in a field relating to your current situation. 

Find out more from the Sporting Chance Team on what to expect when you reach out 
Please note ahead of your call:
  • The service is available 24-hours a day
    • 9am – 5pm (UK Time) the call goes through to the Sporting Chance team
    • 5pm – 9am (UK Time) the call will go through to Health Assured, who are still trained counsellors. As of 9am (GMT) Sporting Chance will then connect you with a specific therapist
  • You can also text the hotline and they will get back to you
  • The 1-1 therapy covers all emotional issues / challenges, as they have a wide and expansive network of therapists that they use
  • All conversations taking place are entirely confidential
  • This service is subsidised by the PSA Foundation and is exclusively available to PSA Tour registered players.
You can reach the hotline & counselling support with the following contact details:

Request a Counsellor to Call You: Complete the form at the bottom of this page: https://www.sportingchanceclinic.com/get-support
 +44 7780 008877 (you can WhatsApp call this number during Sporting Chance opening hours – 9am – 5pm UK Time)

Email: support@sportingchanceclinic.com

England’s Tom Walsh on reaching out to Sporting Chance:
Sporting Chance on Supporting the Mental Health of Those Around You: