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What is it?

The “We Are One” Fund that successfully supported professional squash players across the globe facing financial distress during COVID is continuing to benefit players in need but with a new focus.

The fund was launched in 2020 as a player-driven initiative, aimed to provide relief to PSA players that needed urgent financial support during the pandemic while the Tour was suspended. Thanks to the generosity of the squash community, the fund raised and distributed over $180,000 to players in need all over the world.

With the Tour back in full swing, the PSA Foundation has announced that the “We Are One” fund will continue to support players in need but relaunched as an emergency hardship fund which will aid players facing severe hardship such as career ending injuries, family calamities and unforeseeable emergencies.

“After reading hundreds of applications for the We are One Fund during the pandemic, we quickly realized that our players don’t always have a support network and not many emergency resources available in times of need. That is why we decided to reshape the fund as a permanent hardship fund for players who need a helping hand when facing unexpected hardship.”

World No. 188 Miled Zarazua from Mexico:

“These funds have helped me to come back home. Most importantly, it has given me hope to continue training. I am very thankful to anyone who has contributed to this initiative. These are harsh times and solidarity is hard to find. I am sure your donations have eased pain. Rest assured that I am giving my 100 percent in order for me to display my best level of squash once we get back.”

World No. 73 Rui Soares from Portugal:

“It really helped me trying to stay positive and motivated to train during these past months. It’s really hard to keep the head up when we struggle financially, so all the help we can get is welcomed at the moment.”

World No. 222 Joel Jaume Izcara.

“I have to thank the PSA for the initiative and specially the donors because of their generosity. My income mainly comes from coaching and it’s been 4 hard months. Summer is also a bad season for coaching and this summer even worse, so this money will help me so much to keep playing when the tour resumes and to keep training where I need. Again, Thank you very much to everyone who have participated in this initiative.”