Rebound is a PSA Foundation initiative to collect usable squash gear and send the donations across the world. We hand pick the programmes that receive Rebound donations so we know we’re sending squash gear to underserved areas that can’t afford the equipment. 

Rebound is part of our plan to grow squash in a positive and helpful way. Recycling old gear is an environmentally friendly way to get children into the sport. You can read more about the difference the sport can make to communities here.

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We pass on your old gear to the programmes we support, which you can check out here. All the programmes we work with operate as charities and non-profits themselves, with the objective of supporting local children from underserved communities through squash and education.  

Please see below for guidance on what donations are suitable for Rebound:

What do we want?

What don't we want?

Please note:
  • The juniors within the programmes we support range from 5 years old to potentially 19. So all sizes are welcome but with a preference for the younger ages!
  • What condition can it be in? Is it functional, without holes, would you let your child wear it? If so, we’ll take it!

If you’d like to help spread the love of squash, you can bring your old gear along to a variety of different PSA tournaments or post your items to our office. Unsure where your nearest participating tournament venue is? Are you wondering if the items you want to give are suitable? Simply send an email to foundation@psaworldtour.com and we’ll point you in the right direction. For donation deliveries and drop-offs, please use the following address:

PSA Foundation
46 The Calls
United Kingdom



As Rebound continues to grow, we are constantly on the lookout for 1) community initiatives that would benefit from receiving donated squash gear, and 2) squash clubs that are interested in becoming a drop off point for donations of squash gear.

If you feel you are either of these and would like to get involved, please fill out the expression of interest form linked below.

Please note: We currently only cover the delivery fees from our office in Leeds, UK, to the community programmes we work with. The delivery fees from your collection point to our office would need to be covered by the host club as their own contribution to the costs. Alternatively, if there’s a specific community initiative you would like your donations to go to, it is possible that we fund the transport of the donations from your squash club directly to the recipient community initiative (including international deliveries). 

What’s in it for the host club?

  • Create a positive awareness and reputation for your club
  • Choosing a meaningful corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative for your club that gives back to the sport
  • We will send you imagery of the donations with the children of the programmes we support, that you can then share with your club members to show them the contribution you have all achieved


Please fill out the expression of interest forms below

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We regularly send Rebound bundles to help grassroot programmes that are unable to buy equipment for themselves. We find circulating used rackets, balls and clothing helps these initiatives stay viable and, in turn, grows the passion of squash.

So far we’ve sent packages to over 10 countries including South Africa, Colombia and Israel who are struggling with economic restraints. These donations encourage the creation of squash programmes and increase the number of squash players and promising talent. Check out the programmes we support here:

If you’d like to know more about Rebound and how you can help, please contact foundation@psaworldtour.com