Project Beacon
A Chicago Based Outdoor Squash Complex


Responding To Current Times

To face the challenges that indoor sports have faced during the pandemic, the PSA Foundation decided to take another look at our sport and think OUTSIDE the box. Inspired by the steel court in NYC (truesquash.com) our idea evolved into funding the development and management of two outdoor Corten steel courts in Maggie Daley Park along Chicago’s downtown lakefront, subject to the input and approval of the Chicago Park District. These would be unique because the side walls and the front wall would display rotating art exhibits supplied by the School of the Art Institute, After School Matters, MetroSquash and other groups, adding to the Park District’s Artwork and Monuments initiative. This is “Project Beacon”; an inspiration for more outdoor court projects all over the world.

The Project Beacon Location

Maggie Daley Park is adjacent to Millenium Park in downtown Chicago, which we believe is the best location for Project Beacon. Its many child-friendly installations and activities draw large crowds of children and their parents. This makes it an ideal area to place the courts which will have exposure to Lake Shore Drive and in effect be a “canvas” for art and showcase exposure to the game to all communities. The organizing effort has been met with enthusiasm from a broad group of volunteers and community organizations.

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If you are interested in making a financial contribution to Project Beacon, all donations are tax deductible, the PSA Foundation being a 501c3 qualified charitable organization. Contact foundation@psaworldtour.com to complete your donation. 

Playing squash outdoors makes the sport more:

  • Visible to the general public, creating greater awareness for the sport
  • Accessible, especially if the courts are free to use or host free exhibitions and lessons.
  • Enjoyable. There are obvious benefits to indoor sports, but being active in the outdoors offers additional and alternative health benefits
  • Inclusive. Squash facilities are notoriously hidden, often with exclusive memberships to access. Today there are no public squash courts in Chicago.  Public outdoor courts would make squash available to all. 

Overcoming Barriers Through Outdoor Squash

As we recover from the pandemic, we need to think innovatively to reinvent grassroots squash as we know it and appeal to current societal circumstances.

  • Giving more people access to sport facilities without having to pay membership fees is needed now more than ever to encourage an active lifestyle.
  • People’s mental health is also strained, offering less mental bandwidth to think about being active.
  • We need to bring squash to all, make it accessible, inclusive and in full view for anyone who would like to try it.
  • Squash is the only racket sport to have not yet taken the game to the outdoors at community level

If you would like to reach out to us about Project Beacon, please contact: foundation@psaworldtour.com 
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