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An outdoor squash court whose exterior walls are covered with rotating art exhibits — bringing the health benefits and joy of squash, with a visually appealing structure, to all who pass by. The Beacon renderings (below) shows Project Beacon in Union Park with outside walls covered in art which can act as a magnet for community engagement. Chicago’s motto is City in a Garden. Beacon can make the garden flourish.

As planning for Project Beacon nears completion, we now are calling out to all squash fans and Chicagoans interested in contributing to donate below. 

You can also send donations via Wire Transfer or Cheque using the information here.

 For any queries or support on processing your donation or to donate via check, please contact foundation@psaworldtour.com

 For any queries or support on processing your donation or to donate via check, please contact foundation@psaworldtour.com

The Court's developer - FRESH SQUASH COURTS

The court is made of a steel frame, tempered glass walls, wooden floor beams and perforated non slip panels which prevent water from pooling.

The front glass wall is printed with a white honeycomb pattern with about 50% see-through for a better sight during the game, but still have see through from outside.

The back wall is transparent (clear glass). Above the walls there is a net to keep the ball inside.

The court has 10 adjustable feet which rest on concrete piers.

The Artwork - Tony Fitzpatrick

TONY FITZPATRICK is a Chicago-based artist best known for his multimedia collages, printmaking, paintings, and drawings. Fitzpatrick’s work are inspired by Chicago street culture, cities he has traveled to, children’s books, tattoo designs, and folk art. Fitzpatrick has authored or illustrated eight books of art and poetry, and, for the last two years has written a column for the Newcity. Fitzpatrick’s art appears in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, and the National Museum of American Art in Washington, DC.

Tony has had several ideas on organizational structures that would assure both work by community and student artists and professional artists would be displayed on the court walls.

Working with the Chicago Park District and the local park counsel, Beacon’s goal is to generate a broad artistic engagement with Chicago’s arts community

The Community - Located IN Fulton Market, west of the Loop

Union Park totals 13.77 acres and features a fieldhouse and separate building that houses the gymnasium, fitness centre and locker rooms. 

The field house holds a theatre room with a stage and meeting rooms. Outside, the park offers tennis courts, baseball fields, a swimming pool, a playground, an athletic field for football or soccer, and basketball courts. 

The park features two field houses, the second is next to the swimming pool.

Afterschool programs are offered throughout the school year, and in the summer youth attend the Park District’s popular six-week day camp. Union Park hosts fun special events throughout the year, including Night Out in the Parks concerts, movie screenings, the Pitchfork Music Festival and other festival events. 

If you would like to reach out to us about any other queries or questions, please contact us at foundation@psaworldtour.com

Find out more about outdoor squash here: https://psafoundation.com/outdoor-squash/

The Amsterdam Model for Project Beacon Union Park Chicago

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