We are focused on making sure squash players, no matter the ranking, have somewhere to go if they are in need. We have spent time and resources providing talks and sessions revolving around health, wellbeing, the sustainability of squash careers and making players aware of their opportunities during and after their squash career.

In 2018 we launched Squash University, a series of workshops led by leading names in business at tournaments worldwide. We’ve progressed this by connecting players with mentors and offering additional advice to interested athletes. We also launched SquashFORWARD, a joint initiative with the World Squash Federation which saw a panel of juniors from all over the world come together and help shape the future of the game


Squash University

Squash University is designed to provide players with the tools they need to maximise the opportunities that come up during playing years and to help plan and prepare for life after squash. 

The programme has brought together a variety of influential business leaders – including marketeers, investment bankers, corporate CEOs and more – to enable players to openly explore the business world and gather experience that will help them make the transition from professional athlete to their post-squash career.

We’ve received positive feedback from SU events with former World No.9 Daryl Selby going on to create his own sports managements and events agency, Dynamic7. The England player said attending the Post-Squash Career Day gave him the encouragement he needed to pursue his venture.


Squash Forward

SquashFORWARD’s main goal is to engage with the next generation of squash players in order to unite traditional values with new ideas. This will means we’ll have a more rounded idea of what the future of the sport should be.

The initiative is directed to make the sport more innovative, inclusive and sustainable and by involving promising young talent, we’ll be able to inspire the future leaders of the sport. 

Co-chaired by three-time World Champion Nour El Sherbini and World No.8 Diego Elias, SquashFORWARD includes France’s Victor Crouin, Malaysia’s Eain Yow Ng, United States’ Marina Stefanoni, Switzerland’s Dimitri Steinmann, Japan’s Satomi Watanabe and Ukraine’s Nadiia Usenko.

The team has produced a list of ideas to transform the sport, collective bodies are working together to bring these suggestions to life.