World Number 16 Sabrina Sobhy speaks about the Importance of Connecting with other athletes

World Number 16 Sabrina Sobhy has recently become one of the PSA Foundation’s Health and Wellness Ambassadors  

This group sees players on the PSA Tour come together to support each other around mental wellbeing. 

The Health and Wellness Group is formed of 13 players who are ambassadors from different tiers of the PSA Tour. Throughout this campaign they will be sharing their stories around the challenges they have faced on Tour around their health and wellbeing and covering a wide range of topics. 

Sabrina tells us more about why she has become an ambassador and how her own experiences can be reassuring to other players facing health and wellbeing challenges. 


“I care passionately about mental health and this community that we’re in, in this PSA, lifestyle and career. It can be very isolating and given the amount of time that we spend on our own, it’s really challenging for our mental health.” 

 “We’re all competing for the same thing. We are all desiring and vicious for the same goals. So there’s no need for us to feel isolated or on our own because we endure the same highs and the same lows, the same feelings prior to matches, the same sense of relief after matches. There’s nothing that we can’t relate to with each other.” 

“The Health and Wellness Group is key in taking step forwards in creating an inclusive space where we can share how we’re feeling, get our thoughts kind of out there and express ourselves in a space that’s we know that people are listening and we know that we are heard because there’s a lot of steps and there are a lot of people.” 

“The more we communicate, the more we share our vulnerabilities, the more we acknowledge our insecurities and our struggles. So I think it’s just important to keep reminding ourselves that we are only human and we do all share the same passion for squash.” 


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