Squash For Development: Squash Urbano Host Pan American Games Event

During the XXIV Pan American Squash Qualification Event: the PSA Foundation visited one of the Squash For Development Organisations we partner with, Squash Urbano. 

Squash Urbano provides life-changing opportunities to children from low-income families 
in Colombia through education, mentoring, and the sport of squash. 

Founded in 2014 their mission is to use education, mentoring and sports as tools to empower kids from low-income families in one of Colombia’s most unbalanced societies. 

They encourage youth to dream big while providing individualized support as they work with determination to overcome adversity and achieve their fullest potential as athletes, scholars, and human beings. 

We visited their facilities and the kids who participate as well as the school which supports their education, Escuela Antonia Santos 

The kids at Squash Urbano had opportunity to see players all across the world play at XXIV Pan American Championships in Cartagena, Colombia 

Squash Urbano’s Courts hosted this squash event, which served as the Qualifying event for the Games, which are set to be held in Oct/Nov in Santiago, Chile 

Dearfield Academy from the US also visited the tournament visiting the kids and being impressed by both players and programme 

We look forward to further supporting Squash Urbano and to seeing the next generation of players being inspired by prestigious events such as this.