Outdoor Squash Promoting and Growing The Sport in Iran

PSA Foundation aims to grow the presence of Squash across the globe with a pledge to improve the game’s accessibility, capturing an engaged worldwide fanbase and leveraging the pro tour as a catalyst for positive change around the world.  
One initiative the Foundation is championing to enable us to achieve this is Outdoor Squash  
Outdoor squash is not a one size fits all movement. Outdoor squash symbolizes accessibility and the opportunity to enjoy the game at a grassroots level and have fun playing a fast-paced and social game.  
Each court may not look the same and will adapt to its environment. 
As the popularity of outdoor squash continues to increase, an organisation is utilising this movement to grow the game in their area. 
The Squash Federation of Iran (SFI) has shown how outdoor courts can bring squash to a new generation- with this initiative further increasing Iran’s progress to being the capital of the outdoor game. 
Masoud Gharehziaeddini from SFI said: 
We are planning to have 100 in Sistan and Baluchestan , now days we have 40 of them in country. We are targeting the juniors Usually they are working on basics, like straight drives and cross courts.” 
We have got huge support from province officials, and our Ministry of Sport is supporting the federation to keep to the project going on.” 
The enthusiasm of kids and their talents really inspire us all- they are future champions.” 
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