Steel Court Highlights Accessibility of Outdoor Squash

Photo/Video Credit: Alfredo Ramirez, Restrung Magazine 

“Outdoor squash is a revelation, it gets the game out of private clubs and into the public eye and above all it provides a great environment to play squash. I look forward to competing in the Steel Court event in Queens each year. It’s great fun and a fantastic way to escape the city to a slice of heaven.”

The Instel Steel Outdoor Squash Invitational Pro Tournament got underway for 2022- highlighting the unique and engaging aspect of squash that is outdoor squash 
Outdoor squash symbolises accessibility and opportunity to enjoy the game at a grassroots level and have fun playing a fast paced and social game.  
This fantastic event, which is an exhibition event outside the PSA Tour, was the coldest weather outdoor squash pro exhibition ever- with temperatures of 35°F (Around 1°C)! 
Organised by Intsel Steel East and friends of Maspeth Squash, their steel outdoor court setting is exceptionally open and reflects that Outdoor squash is not a one size fits all movement- and can be played in a variety of weather conditions 
Each court may not look the same and will adapt to its environment.  
In the men’s final, Timmy Brownell won in a five-game match with Jaymie Haycocks on the outdoor steel walled court- with the women’s final between Ineta Mackevica and Marina Stefanoni to be arranged. 
Robert Gibralter, Tournament Organiser, said: 
 “The main idea of the tournament is to share the amazing experience of outdoor squash at all levels – up close and in person with the best of the best and online through social media.” 
He then emphasizes the importance of outdoor squash within the game as a whole. 
“For me, it’s personal. I learned to play tennis on outdoor public courts. It helped me get into college. I discovered my love for squash in college, and it has since enriched my life in many ways.” 
“Outdoor squash has the potential to expand awareness, access, and participation to more people. And, believe me, and according to the many pros and players who have come out to Maspeth to play, it’s a truly superior playing experience.” 
“We play all year round. In the winter, it’s like the fantastic air in your lungs, the fresh air when you are alpine skiing combined with a squash workout.” 


We look forward to seeing future editions of this tournament, and to more outdoor squash courts and tournaments appearing up all over the globe!