PSA Foundation Attends Sports Positive Summit- Supporting Positive Climate Action

PSA Foundation- among other global sports- recently attended the Sports Positive Summit continuing its commitment to positive climate action.

Sport Positive Summit offers world-leading content and industry networking for those who operate in sport and understand:

-The potential of putting sustainability at the heart of sports business; to future proof operations, ensure long-term cost savings and bring the benefits of a halo effect to your brand

-The crucial leadership role sport can take to drive sustainable development

Leagues, Clubs, Venues, Federations and Sports Bodies, Brands, Tournaments and Tours, Rights Holders, Associations, Solution Providers, Innovators, Government, UN Bodies, NGOs, Advocacy Groups were just some of the types of organisations in attendance.

Sport has never been in a more powerful position to harness the zeitgeist to drive change that will safeguard its future, positively impact the world for generations to come, and evolve the sports business model towards a more sustainable economic foundation.

The Foundation has taken major steps in its history to ensure that the sport is aligned with positive climate change principles and is making active steps to combat the issues associated with it.

For example with our Rebound programme– which sends recycled Squash gear across the world to underserved communities- and to date has distributed over 2.7k pieces of Squash equipment.

Some of the many recipients of Rebound equipment

We look forward to continuing to be a part of this crucial initiative and to making more progress in ensuring environmental sustainability within our sport.