Organization Founded by Squash Legend Making a Difference in Kuala Lumpur 

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Women’s Squash Week (17-24th September) is an international campaign that aims to celebrate and raise the profile of female squash.

To celebrate this week, PSA Foundation are shining a spotlight on fantastic stories of women in squash.

Womens Squash Week is fundamental in celebrating the different aspects of women in squash, and Nicol David Organisation and its flagship programme- ‘Little Legends’ is a shining example of how women in squash are making a difference beyond the professional game.

The non-profit was launched earlier this year in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, by Malaysia’s former World No.1, eight-time World Champion, legend Nicol David, and Colombian former World No.81 Mariana De Reyes.

With her strong desire to build on this legacy and give back to the community, Nicol decided to create the Little legends program. 

Under the ‘Little Legends’ initiative, a subsidized after-school programme, children aged 8 from low and middle income families will take part in a five-year programme comprising of twice-weekly squash training and English tutoring.

Currently they have 62 children participating in Little Legends, with around 70% of these participants are from low-income families.

Additionally, the organisation has also already signed up 80 children for next year’s round.

This initiative aims to engage the children involved with squash, developing their life skills, provide them opportunities to learn English as well as enable good nutrition.

Datuk Nicol David and Mariana De Reyes, Founders of Little Legends, said:

“We have provided our children a total of 50 hours of Squash and English, with an attendance rate of over 90% which proves the children are engaged and are proud to be Little Legends.” 

“Furthermore, in surveys with parents regarding the children’s mental health and well being parents have responded to us that 90% of their children have increased their levels of happiness, confidence and discipline.”

“Parents are the first to see their children improve, and they are committed 100% to our programme.”

Additionally, Little Legends recognized that the Covid-19 pandemic has had a major impact on the reading levels of the children they support.

They addressed this by providing extra reading support as well as obtaining a sponsor to provide glasses to children who needed them.

"My goal has always been to give back whatever was given to me. This is my biggest motivation and drive to bring forward all the experience I gained through my squash career and inspire the young ones to dream big just like I did."
Nicol David
Little Legends Founder

Nicol has always been a trailblazer, passionate about championing women.

Before retiring she lead the It’s Mine campaign- which aimed to increase awareness of, and engagement with, the women’s tour- with the long-term ambition to increase the participation of female athletes on the PSA Tour and highlight female values through their stories.

“We feel very proud to be a women led organisation and see first hand the abilities sports gave us for the challenges to run this programme.”

“We just hope to keep contributing to the awareness and supporting in any way possible for other Women Squash players that wish to venture into the nonprofit sector.”

“If other professional players are inspired by this to also give back I will feel very happy. I think by showing them that it can be done is the first step, and then by pushing through.”

“All Squash players are experts in this ability to not give up, keep improving and chase all goals.”

We look forward to seeing the lasting legacy of this pioneering programme, which really showcases the impact that can be achieved from players utilising their platform to enrich peoples lives.

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