World No. 3 Amanda Sobhy: Recovering from an eating disorder with BodyLoveSoul

Amanda Sobhy: from body-image spirals and stigmas, to healthy mindset and recovery.

“It was something I wanted to address. I wanted to be able to break free and have the tools, but I was still not in a comfortable place where I wanted to go to see a therapist. That was just too much for me and made me feel like I really had a problem, and I just didn’t want to accept that, or I didn’t want to acknowledge it.”

After going public on her 10-year battle with an eating disorder, World No.3 Amanda Sobhy received a flood of support from inside and out of the squash world. So much so, that she has recorded a follow-up interview about her experiences with the BodyLoveSoul programme, how it helped her with the recovery process, and what lessons she has learned.

Watch the interview to find out more, as Amanda talks about her gradual journey to better mental health.

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Trigger warning: This video contains discussions about eating disorders. If you or someone you know needs advice or support, please visit: