Amanda Sobhy: US Star Opens up on 10-year Struggle with Eating Disorder

USA’s World No.3 Amanda Sobhy shares her personal story about her 10-year struggle with an eating disorder in this emotional interview.

As part of the PSA Foundation’s recently launched health and wellness group, which sees players on the PSA Tour come together to support each other around mental wellbeing, Amanda has decided to share her story and what she went through in this personal video.

The health and wellness group will be formed of 11 players, of which Amanda is one, who will be ambassadors from different tiers of the PSA Tour. Throughout this campaign they will be sharing their stories around the challenges they have faced on Tour around their health and wellbeing and covering a wide range of topics.

Trigger warning: This video contains discussions about eating disorders. If you or someone you know needs advice or support, please visit: