PSA Foundation’s We Are One Fund Provides over $40,000 in Support to PSA Players

The PSA Foundation – the charitable arm of the Professional Squash Association (PSA) – launched its ‘We Are One’ fund back in May and the Foundation is delighted to announce that over $40,000 has already been distributed to players around the world.

The fund was launched with the aim to support professional squash players who are experiencing both financial and emotional difficulties due to the impact of the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic and currently over half of the money raised by the fund has been distributed to the players that need it most, with more applications coming in.

The squash community has come together strongly to show their support with their generosity key, along with donations from the PSA, to helping those players who are suffering due to the continued suspension of the PSA World Tour. Every donation received helps to ensure that some players dreams of returning to court when the tour is able to resume safely are not compromised in any way.

“So far we have reached 85 per cent of our target and the generosity shown by the squash community has been extraordinary,” said PSA Foundation Manager, Adriana Olaya.

“This is testament to the appreciation and respect earned by these players, who we all look forward to watching again when the PSA World Tour is able to safely resume. We have already distributed $40,000 to players across the World Rankings and a wide range of nationalities, with more applications currently being processed.

“With the uncertainty of a return date for the Tour, we need to make sure we keep the fund going, so we can reach all of those that need our support due to current financial difficulties.”

Players who are a part of the group that have received their financial support, explained how much the ‘We Are One’ fund has helped them.

“Thank you very much for the grant that I will receive to help during the current times we find ourselves in,” said one player.

“It is very much appreciated and will definitely help ease burdens until the tour returns when it is safe to do so. I am proud to be a part of the PSA and this ‘We Are One’ fund that has been raised for players is a credit to everyone in the squash community.”

Miled Zarazua, the World No.188 from Mexico added: “These funds have helped me to come back home. Most importantly, it has given me hope to continue training.

“It has made a big impact because regardless of how much I was given, it boosts my self-esteem and reassured my choice of doing the thing I love to do which is play squash.

“I am very thankful to anyone who has contributed to this initiative. These are harsh times and solidarity is hard to find. I am sure your donations have eased pain. Rest assured that I am giving my 100 per cent in order for me to display my best level of squash once we get back.”

While, another player commented: “This PSA Foundation grant really does mean a lot and will take away a lot of anxiety and uncertainty in this difficult time. I have huge appreciation for the squash community and can’t wait to get back on court as hungry as ever to perform and entertain.”

The PSA Foundation will continue to support players through this difficult period with grants, webinars, live talks and different partnerships and hopes to continue to garner support from across the whole squash community, including PSA players and tournament promoters, to carry on supporting the ‘We Are One’ fund.

Squash fans can also support the ‘We Are One’ fund, and their generosity will be met with a range of rewards, including clinics and Zoom calls with top PSA players, SQUASHTV subscriptions and PSA apparel.

Find out more about the ‘We Are One’ fund and how you can show your support here: https://psafoundation.rallyup.com/psafweareone