Squash Urbano Colombia Receive Rebound Package!

Courtesy of the generously giving squash communities that have donated their old gear, Squash Urbano Colombia was the latest programme to unveil their fresh new delivery of rackets, balls, court shoes and clothing.

Squash Urbano Colombia juniors have been busy competing in the Colombian Nationals competition. Now the youngsters are spending some time back on court training for their next competition using their new gear.

Founded in 2014, Squash Urbano Colombia’s mission is to use education, mentoring and squash as tools to empower kids from low-income families in one of Colombia’s most unbalanced societies.

Their goal is to instil commitment, solidarity and mindfulness through an intensive and highly-personalised approach to learning. This is reinforced in both their academics and athletics programmes.

As part of the PSA initiative to create a love of squash early on, the programme will also be using online coaching content provided via our partnership with Squash Skills.

On top of training, their students will have access to an array of eye-opening activities, including:

  • National/international squash competitions
  • Field trips
  • Health and lifestyle workshops
  • Arts and crafts
  • Community service

If you would like to know more about what they do, you can check out their programme here: