Fresh Rebound Packages Ready for Delivery to our Programmes

We’ve collected donated kit from very generous squash communities from PSA tournaments over the course of the 2018/19 season and these will now be sent out to our programmes of support.

We will be sending these packages out to Egoli Squash in South Africa, Zimbabwe Squash and Education Trust & Squash Urbano in Colombia.

The packages include rackets, court shoes, a variety of clothing, accessories and balls. For some of these programmes even having suitable clothing can be a challenge for these children, not to mention having rackets, balls and court shoes to play with.

It’s fantastic to see community programmes around the world using squash as a platform to improve quality of life and be able to work with the wider squash communities through donations to support these initiatives.

All of the programmes that we support work with children from disadvantaged communities, using squash as a means to improve quality of life. Often these programmes incorporate one or may of tutoring, community service and mentoring towards creating a rich and valuable experience for the children involved.

We would like to thank everybody who has donated to our Rebound programme and thank them for their continued support.

You can find out more about our Rebound programme here.