Women In Coaching Fund supports 14 more women to become leaders in squash! 

“This course opens more opportunities to me, worldwide, not only in Egypt.”

The next round of the Women In Coaching Fund got underway in Egypt alongside the prestigious Black Ball Open!  

Supported by the Women In Coaching Fund, this qualification empowers women to be leaders and mentors within their squash communities. 

PSA Foundation’s Women in Coaching Fund, launched in 2023 as a legacy of the Women’s Squash Leadership program, with the aim of encouraging more women to participate in the game at a coaching and mentoring level. 

In collaboration with World Squash Federation (WSF), 14 Arab-speaking women gained qualifications to be coaches and leaders within squash. 

Egyptian Squash legend Omneya Abdelgawy also took part in the course, giving advice and inspiration to all the women involved. 


“We’re trying to get more women into coaching and more women into the sport, playing, coaching and everything else. 

“I think it’s a good step, they are all excited to be here. We all learned so much from Captain Ashraf and I hope it’s just the start!” 


Omar Raef, Promoter of Black Ball Squash, said; “I believe this goes for every industry, not just squash, which is industries don’t have as much women in them as men.” 

“Obviously, there’s some form of inequality there, and we always try to promote, like we do our best hiring women coaches because we think it’s very important for kids to not just have the figure of the male coach: they need a female coach. 


“It’s more comfortable for a girl player to have a woman as a coach, they can share everything. We have this relation that we can’t share it with anyone else. 


Amna El Tarabolsy, Egyptian Squash Federation, said: 

I believe that women, when they put anything in their mind they can do it. They do it really good or they don’t do it at all. So, I think there must be more women in sport, especially in squash. 

“We have a lot of good squash players that can give more to the game.” 


A total of 43 females coaches have gained qualifications through this fund, and we look forward to future rounds of the fund.