Outdoor Squash Guidance Document Now Available

Outdoor Squash – An Overview

Outdoor squash is innovating how we play the sport to take squash outdoors and improve the accessibility and opportunities to play.

Outdoor squash is fundamentally the same as playing squash indoors, but with some possible modifica­tions to the dimensions of the court, and possible minor changes to the rules to adapt to the facility in use.

These changes are so that we can embed squash in more communities, without insisting on a particular type of facility, equipment, space available, climate, or rules of play. Squash has followed a very specific and rigid type of infrastructure and method of play at a grass roots level worldwide.

Outdoor squash challenges preconceptions of how you might play squash, to open the doors to more populations who can enjoy the benefits of playing the sport.

The intention is not to transform squash into an entirely outdoor sport, but to expand the offering of squash to the outdoors.

Learn more about the movement, examples of outdoor squash that are already in place, and how you can create an outdoor squash space in our information document.