Support the PSA Foundation’s Mental Health Work this World Mental Health Day 

October 10th is World Mental Health Day: a chance to talk about mental health, how we need to look after it, and how important it is to get help if you are struggling. 

Mental health support for PSA players as well as players of all levels across the world is a fundamental aspect of the PSA Foundation’s work 

How We Provide Mental Health Support

“As one of the Health and Wellbeing Ambassadors it is so motivating and fulfilling to be working alongside fellow squash players in order to find ways to improve how our great community can help make squash a place where everyone feels heard, safe and healthy."

Health and Wellness Ambassadors 

The PSA Foundation has a health and wellness programme which brings together players to tackle the wellbeing challenges on Tour. 

Professional sport presents unique pressures for athletes. The aim of this programme is that the players will spearhead a Tour-wide effort to share struggles, advice, experiences and support each other. 

This initiative is designed to provide an ongoing process of safeguarding the health and wellbeing of players on Tour. 

At the PSA Foundation, we believe that there is no better people to help inform on the challenges of competing on Tour than the players themselves; the health and wellness programme is a testament to that. 

The programme is formed of 13 players who will be ambassadors from different tiers of the PSA Tour. 


Sporting Chance

These services are provided for current and retired professional squash players competing on the PSA Tour, fully funded by the PSA Foundation. One-to-one counselling is a form of talking therapy designed to move individuals forward to a place of balanced emotional wellbeing. 

To facilitate treatment, Sporting Chance has a large network of highly qualified and fully insured counsellors. 

All the counsellors in their network operate within guidelines and principles established with Sporting Chance; some are ex-professional sportsmen or women who have trained as therapists or counsellors after retiring from sport 

We Are One Fund

Our ‘We Are One’ fund is a player-driven initiative that aims to unite the squash community by providing relief to PSA players facing crisis or severe adversity. 

This fund supports PSA Tour players with proven financial need, in situations such as career threatening injuries, extreme life events threatening a safe standard of living, urgent medical care and other scenarios affecting basic wellbeing. 

Help us to ensure the professional players we know and love remain safe, healthy and can continue to compete in the sport that we all love.