PSA Foundation Initiatives Supporting Sustainability in Squash #GreenSportsDay 

Green Sports Day (October 6th) brings together the sports community encouraging all to increase awareness of climate change and sustainability, and celebrate progress on and positive environmental impact. 

The PSA Foundation are committed to making positive and green changes within squash: and have made significant progress in this area of our work in past few years.

For example, since 2016 we have recycled squash gear across the globe to give better access to the sport through our Rebound program. 

Rebound is a PSA Foundation initiative to collect usable squash gear and send the donations across the world. We hand pick the programmes that receive Rebound donations so we know we’re sending squash gear to underserved area that can’t afford the equipment.  

Rebound is part of our plan to grow squash in a positive and helpful way. Recycling old gear is an environmentally friendly way to get children into the sport. You can read more about the difference the sport can make to communities here. 

Since its inception, 4,327 items have donated to Squash for Development Organizations, this includes:

Squash Rackets
Squash Balls
Items of Clothing

We are also Sport for Climate action signatories, committing to positive climate action within our sport. 

Uniting behind a set of principles, sports organizations and their communities have created an initiative by collaborating in order to position their sector on the path of the low carbon economy that global leaders agreed on in Paris: Sports for Climate Action. 

Participants in the Sports for Climate Action Initiative commit to adhere to a set of five principles and incorporate them into strategies, policies and procedures, and mainstream them within the sports community, thus setting the stage for a wider dissemination of the message and long-term success. 

In terms of the future of our sustainability work, we are working on collective targets and considerations to make squash greener and more environmentally conscious 

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