#WomensSquashWeek Inspiring Women and Girls to Get Involved with Squash #YouBelong 

Women’s Squash Week (18-24th September) is an international campaign that aims to celebrate and raise the profile of female squash.  

PSA Foundation are proud to champion this key awareness week, and a core part of our work is empowering women and girls to participate in squash.  

This years theme is #YouBelong: highlighting how women and girls belong in all aspects of the game. 

This years theme is #YouBelong: highlighting how women and girls belong in all aspects of the game. 

This can be from playing recreationally to on becoming a professional tour, as well as in other areas of the game such as coaching and refereeing. 

As part of this week we will be showcasing and highlighting extraordinary stories of women and girls in Squash, including: 

-Interviews with Professional Players Amanda Sobhy, Nele Gilis and Tesni Evans on the importance of female representation in squash, the challenges women and girls face in the sport and how we can increase participation. 

-We speak with Vanessa Atkinson and Laura Massaro, former professionals of the game who are inspiring other women to pursue careers in sport media. 

-The expansion of our Women In Coaching Fund, which funds coaching qualifications for women in our sport, which has now launched its second phase in Malaysia in partnership with Nicol David Organisation. 

-An interview with the first female professional referee in squash, Andrea Santamaria. 


Adriana Olaya, Head of the PSA Foundation, said:

“Women’s Squash Week is a fundamental week within squash: it empowers women and girls to not only take up the sport but to highlight they belong in the game in a number of ways.” 

“Through his campaign, we hope to showcase a wide range of female voices promote inclusivity in and inspire women and girls to get involved with squash.”