Sports Dans La Ville Inspiring Confidence in their Participants at the Paris Squash Open!

The first Platinum event on the PSA World Tour, the Paris Squash  Open by Paris Squash 2023, recently finished and was a huge success: bringing large audiences to a prestigious setting 

As part of this event, we also engaged with sports association Sports Dan La Ville: who took participants to the event to inspire them through squash. 

Sport Dans la Ville supports young people from underserved neighborhoods on their path to success.  

Participants from Sports Dans La Ville who were in attendance at this event were 16-19 years old, with the aim of this section of their work to give them confidence through sport and transmit important values for their personal development and professional integration. 

With this growth within themselves: it improves life chances, provides career opportunities and more. 

We speak with Benoit Taillardat, Director of Partnerships and Events at Sports Dans La Ville, about their work and the importance of sports setting such as the Paris Open for the kids they work with. 

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