Professional Squash Player Todd Harrity Speaks About His Identity and More | #PrideInSquash

“If I can be a source of inspiration to any others in this situation: I am pleased.”

In our latest #PrideInSquash piece we speak with World Number 44 Todd Harrity about his experiences of coming out, the support he has had on his journey and more.

Todd came out publicly in 2018, and was met with overwhelming support.

“Coming out was a long process that happened in stages. So at first I had one friend that knew, then a couple of friends, my family.”

“But then I would travel and go to a tournament and I’d go back in the closet again, I had my strategies for avoiding the topic. I had a moment at a tournament where I thought I’m 27 and I don’t want to have to deal with hiding this anymore.”

“I definitely think in this profession and in the sports world it is uncommon [to have openly gay athletes], there are some that have come out, but it is uncommon especially on the men’s side. Many who have come out opened up about their sexuality after they finished competing.”

“This is why I felt it was necessary to come out, to highlight you can be an active professional and be open about your identity. I also feel I play my best when I’m comfortable with myself”

“I had so many fears and worries, for so long I was afraid of how people would react, I thought for example I wouldn’t be able to go to Egypt and other nations to compete- at the time I was fine with this as for my that freedom is worth me not going somewhere to compete.”

“But then everyone was actually fine, my Egyptian friends were supportive, I even ended up living in Cairo for almost two years- it was an amazing experience and non one treated me differently.”

“Everyone who was my friend before was my friend after, my fears and worries when it came to the squash community where unfounded.”

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