More Than Just A Ranking: Lwamba and Temwa Chileshe

More Than Just A Ranking is a series where we get a personal insight into squash players about more than just who they are on court. 

In this latest episode, we spoke with Lwamba and Temwa Chileshe, brothers from New Zealand with big ambitions for their squash careers. 

They speak about how they got into squash, their experiences as players on tour and how they both support each other whilst travelling and competing on tour 


“Our Dad coached us when we started, I started when I was ten and Lwamba was 11. He coached us until we reached U19. We found the love of squash watching him play.” 

They also spoke about the challenges of travelling and how friends in the UK and each other having a similar tournament schedule provides a great deal of support 

“It’s quite tough not having your family be able to come and watch you at tournaments and living so far away from friends.” 

“Since we’ve been in the UK, everyone’s been so welcoming, we are based in Sheffield and we’ve made quite a lot of friends round there.” 

“We mostly travel together because we have similar rankings and we do end up at many of the same tournaments- we don’t always try but it often happens that way!” 

Both brothers also competed at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, representing New Zealand in both singles and playing together as a doubles pair: and are hoping to compete in the next games in Brisbane in 2026. 

“Medalling at the Commonwealth Games is definitely a goal. Getting the Gold in doubles particularly as we play together and know each-others games well is what we’d like to aim for in 2026.” 


You can watch the full interview on SQUASHTV YouTube now. 

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