Celebrating Squash for Development at the PSA World Championships!

During the iconic PSA World Championships in Chicago, we will be celebrating and highlighting the impact Squash for Development Organizations (SDOs) have within communities across the globe.


What Are Squash for Development Organisations?

Organisations around the world that  use squash as a vehicle for social change through academic tutoring, nutrition support and much more to help underserved communities. As the charitable arm of the PSA Tour, we partner with these non-profit programs and provide resources and support they otherwise might not have. 

As part of Squash for Development Day: a number of these organizations and PSA Tour player ambassadors will be in attendance to showcase how each organization utilizes the sport to change the lives of underserved populations across the globe.

From providing educational/vocational opportunities, ensuring good nutrition, providing a safe space and aspirational settings for children, these organizations play a key part in the growth of what squash has to offer as a vehicle for social change across the globe.

With 13 organizations affiliated to the PSA Foundation, spread across all continents and with different backgrounds and objectives; Squash for Development Day is truly a day to celebrate inclusivity and inspire others to do so as well.

From 12pm on the 6th of May, we will be hosting this Squash for Development Day, highlighting these organizations during matches with intervals for player ambassadors and SDO leaders to speak about their work.

We will also be showcasing videos from the organizations, including messages from ambassadors of a number of these programs:

-World Number 16 Sabrina Sobhy, ambassador for Access Youth Academy

-Lucas Serme, ambassador for Squash Dreamers

-Former World Number 18 Danielle Letourneau, ambassador for Canadian Inclusivity Squash Program

– World Number 15 Saurav Ghosal, ambassador for Khelshala


4 Videos

We are currently fundraising to send the world’s best squash players to visit these programs, to help inspire these children who otherwise would not have access to the role models from the PSA Tour.  


While we are visiting these programs, we will also be filming a documentary series to raise awareness of their amazing work and highlight how vital squash is within these communities. 


Any level of monetary support is appreciated. Donations are tax-deductible for donors in the U.S. Email foundation@psawordltour.com for any donation-related queries.