Using squash to improve health and wellbeing: Squash For Development Organisations

Squash for Development Organisations (SDO’s) are using squash as a vehicle for social change, alongside academic tutoring, nutrition support and much more to help underserved populations around the world. 

As the charitable arm of the PSA Tour, we partner with these non-profit programs and provide resources and support they otherwise might not have. 

Over the next couple of months and beyond we are highlighting that these SDO’s provide more than just opportunities to squash, and each organisation utilises the sport to make a positive difference in a number of ways. 

Combining squash with holistic wellbeing practices is a key vehicle for improving overall health of participants

A British Journal of Sports Medicine paper found that squash was among the best activities for reducing the risk of death from any health-related cause. 

Squash for Development Organisation’s (SDOs) can also offer a range of other holistic activities that support the health and wellbeing of participating children.  Some SDOs incorporate specific health and wellbeing activities alongside their squash provisions that cater to the population that they work with. 

The benefits of this practice are that is reduces participant stress, develops their concentration levels and much more. 

Squash Para Todos activities are oriented around reducing poverty, seeking a good quality education, and supporting good health and wellbeing for the population they serve around them in El Salvador. 

Mental health support is also a key component of their work, running  mindfulness and wellbeing sessions integrated into their weekly programs.  

Based in India, Khelshala is committed to enhance the future of underprivileged children by building life skills and supporting their wellbeing through Sports, Academics, and Yoga. 

Khelshala say that “through Yoga, Khelshala helps children build a healthy and stress free life, allowing them to embrace well-being through association of Mind and Body”.  

Egoli Squash based in South Africa, uses the sport of squash to curb the vicious cycle of poverty and crime for disadvantaged youth aged 8-18 years from the communities of Alexandra, Soweto and the inner-city.

In partnership with the Mrs. Africa Foundation, a group of Soweto Girls they support receive free mentoring supporting and sanitary products. These systems of support can be life-changing for the communities involved. 


We are currently fundraising to send the world’s best squash players to visit these programs, to help inspire these children who otherwise would not have access to the role models from the PSA Tour.  


 To donate, please visit: https://psafoundation.com/squash-for-development/  

Any level of monetary support is appreciated. Donations are tax-deductible for donors in the U.S. Email foundation@psawordltour.com for any donation-related queries.