Academic Support Through Squash- Squash For Development Organisations

Squash for Development Organisations (SDO’s) are using squash as a vehicle for social change, alongside academic tutoring, nutrition support and much more to help underserved populations around the world.

As the charitable arm of the PSA Tour, we partner with these non-profit programs and provide resources and support they otherwise might not have.

We want every child to have the opportunity to play our sport, and the option to aspire to play on the biggest stages of the PSA Tour, no matter their background.

Over the next couple of months and beyond we are highlighting that these SDO’s provide more than just opportunities to squash, and each organisation utilises the sport to make a positive difference in a number of ways.

Providing Academic Support Alongside Squash

Squash Dreamers are based in Amman, Jordan working with young refugee and underprivileged girls, providing them with professional level squash training and English instruction.

They use squash as a vessel to work with the girls on their physical and mental health, giving them skills they can use now, and in the future to play professionally and train others.

Through English, they support their in-school academics and prepare them for future opportunities including scholarships to private schools.

They want to see every girl succeed and work hard to create a space of mutual empowerment in which they can thrive and grow, then going out into the world as talented, strong, well-equipped women, able to command lasting change in their own communities.

The Nicol David Organisation was founded by Datuk Nicol David and Mariana de Reyes with the objective to empower girls and boys through sport and education.

This initiative aims to engage the children involved with squash, developing their life skills, providing them the opportunities to learn English as well as nutrition support.

Under the ‘Little Legends’ initiative, a subsidized after-school programme, children aged 8 from low- and middle-income families will take part in a five-year programme comprising of twice-weekly squash training and English tutoring.

Rackets Cubed is a UK registered charity that delivers an integrated programme comprising racket sports, STEM education and a healthy nutritious meal as part of weekly activities to key stage two pupils in deprived areas – providing the children with key benefits of active participation in sport, enhanced education and an introduction to a healthy diet.

Rackets Cubed currently operate in 10 different cities, across 20 hosting sites running 30 different programmes.

Rackets Cubed

Based in India, Khelshala is committed to enhance the future of underprivileged children by building life skills through Sports, Academics, and Yoga.. This is Khelshala’s S.A.Y. Programme.

By introducing a lifetime sport like squash or tennis, Khelshala attracts children to the programme and helps them develop teamwork, responsibility and character.

Access Youth Academy was created in 2006 to transform the lives of underserved youth through academic mentorship and urban squash in San Diego, California.

In a 12-year commitment that begins in 7th grade, Access students embark on a curriculum of intellectual, physical, and social development where academic enrichment, sports training, and financial support combine to help them realize their full potential.

Currently they boast a 100% graduation rate from High School, 100% College acceptance rate & also hold 13 national title wins in squash across different age groups

We are currently fundraising to send the world’s best squash players to visit these programs, to help inspire these children who otherwise would not have access to the role models from the PSA Tour.  

While we are visiting these programs, we will also be filming a documentary series to raise awareness of their amazing work and highlight how vital squash is within these communities.  

Any level of monetary support is appreciated. Donations are tax-deductible for donors in the U.S. Email foundation@psawordltour.com for any donation-related queries.