New Squash Plus Outdoor Court Launched

Squash Plus Court front on
Squash Plus is on a mission to to raise the profile of the game and to make the sport more accessible to all, with a particular focus on younger ages.

The pandemic was an awakening for squash, highlighting the low accessibility of the infrastructure and hidden nature of the typical court. Squash is the last racket sport to not create an outdoor adaptation of the game. In England, 93.44% of tennis courts are outdoors. Of these, there are also 1,952 free to use public tennis courts. Over 2 years on now from the start of the pandemic, we are starting to see professional products coming out offering the outdoor squash concept. Here, we give you the Squash Plus outdoor court.

For other racket sports, most children will discover the likes of tennis, badminton or table tennis in passing at the local park or as part of their school curriculum. By putting squash outdoors in plain view of passer-by and engaging with those spaces, we put squash at the forefront of people’s minds more often.

Inside a squash plus court

The Squash Plus court looks to combine the benefits of outdoor exercise with the proven health benefits inherent in squash. All the while raising the profile of the sport by making courts more visible and more accessible. With a flexible design, the court can be a temporary fixture, relocated or leased to different sites. It can also fit into modular configurations of multiple courts to create social community orientated spaces.

The court benefits from natural light throughout the day, then makes use of LED lights during the night. The canopy above allows for certainty of play, offering protection from rain, wind and snow. The court uses a weather proof non-slip glass floor, with the whole build offering lower construction costs and more visibility than brick and mortar.

Ariel view of squash plus court

The photos you can see are from a padel club based in Spain that has been the test sight for the new Squash Plus courts. Combining squash with other rackets sports can be a great way to collaborate with other organisations for mutual growth and a diverse offering of sport.

Not only is it a new and refreshing experience to play squash outside, but the concept acts as a great springboard to the indoor squash infrastructure in place already around the world. A fun and exciting billboard to our healthy, welcoming and social sport.

To find out more about the Squash Plus court, visit their website here: https://www.squashplus.us/

To find out more about outdoor squash and other designs of outdoor courts that can be seen today, see here: https://psafoundation.com/outdoor-squash/