J.P. Morgan Tournament of Champions Women’s Leadership Program raises $41,000 for mental health

A huge thank you to everyone who attended or donated to the J.P. Morgan Tournament of Champions (ToC) Women’s Leadership Program. We’re delighted to announce that $41,375 has been raised, with all of the proceeds benefiting our mental health program.

Held ahead of the first matches of the ToC, this year the Women’s Leadership Program honored Margaret H. “Peg” Wyant for excellence on and off the squash court. Wyant is an inspiration and a pioneer of corporate business, author, philanthropist, community advocate and the matriarch of one of the most successful families in American squash history.

The event, which included a reception, ceremony and the evening matches of the ToC, featured a number of guest speakers, including US No.1 Amanda Sobhy, who spoke about her own struggles with mental health and how she wanted to speak up and help create a health and wellness platform to remove the stigmas around mental health and foster a spirit of helping each other. 

The money raised will directly benefit the players of the tour through the PSA Foundation Health and Wellness Program. The program was launched to bring together players to tackle the wellbeing challenges on Tour. Professional sport presents unique pressures for athletes and the aim for this programme is the players will spearhead a Tour wide effort to share struggles, advice, experiences and support each other.

Particular thanks for the success of the Women’s Leadership Program must go to the Women’s Leadership Program committee, Ashley Bernhard, Will Carlin, John Nimick, and Melissa and Jess Whinstanley for all their efforts and generosity.

[Image credit: Andreas Hofweber]