PSA Foundation Partners with Squash Players App

Imagine an app that tells you, wherever you are in the world, where your nearest squash court is and who locally would be up for a friendly game?

Well, Squash Players App is on its way to producing exactly that. The Squash Players App, produced by Itomic & 101Sports, has so far collected 13,470 courts and 6,481 venues around the world. All of which are identifiable on their free to download mobile app.

While the exact number of squash courts in the world isn’t known exactly, Itomic & 101Sports estimate it to be around 30,000 across 10,000 venues, meaning over half of the venues have so far been recorded. The app is still young and will be updated and refined often as and when more venues and associated data comes in.

“One of our main objectives as a charity is to connect the squash community all over the world, and we can achieve this through the Squash Players App. Squash players from all over the world, no matter what level they are, can find a place to play and people to play with. That is what we need to help our sport grow and keep our community connected. It’s a great tool that we want more people to use”Adriana Olaya, Head of the PSA Foundation

Ross Gerring, CEO of Itomic & 101Sports said:

“When we started building this app a couple of years ago, it very quickly became apparent that there is no high quality global database of squash courts. Very few national or regional squash websites could be relied upon, which delivers a frustrating experience for anyone trying to find local squash facilities, which is the last thing we want!

The only cost-effective way to gather and improve this data over time is through crowdsourcing, i.e. by leveraging the combined knowledge of the global squash community. It doesn’t matter if your country has 10 or 1,000 courts, it’s a level playing field for all.

We’re delighted to be partnering with the PSA Foundation, helping to bring squash out of the digital darkness, to be found and enjoyed by all.”

The Squash Players App aligns with the PSA Foundation’s objectives to improve the accessibility of squash and reduce the barriers to participation on a global scale. In aligning our efforts, we believe we can introduce more people to squash and facilitate greater growth for the sport.

The Squash Players App collects its data on courts and venues by using various crowdsourcing efforts. So, if your local squash venue isn’t on there yet, make sure to add it. Once you’ve downloaded the app, it can take less than one minute to add your venue! The app communicates with Google Maps to authenticate every venue and goes through an internal approval process.

Better yet, every time you add a new venue, a REAL tree is planted thanks to their partnership with UK company, Ecologi. You can check how many trees have been planted from squash venues so far here: https://ecologi.com/101sports

Example report of court data in South Africa. Visit the Squash Players App website for similar reports.

The Squash Players App is taking the everyday hidden squash court and highlighting it to all those wondering where their nearest court is. Away on business or holiday and looking for a quick game? Have a look to see who is looking to play in your local area (coming soon!).

You can download the app here:

Curious about how the app works? Here are some FAQ’s to help you out:

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