Outdoor Squash Complex Complete for El Salvador’s Squash Para Todos

The San Salvador community squash initiative, Squash Para Todos, now has it’s courts fully up and running, a first of its kind short wall squash variation of the sport. These courts offer a unique experience to play squash in the open air at a grassroots community level.

Squash Para Todos are a registered charity from El Salvador that seek to use the vehicles of squash and education to improve quality of life for local underserved children. Their programme works with schools offering sports scholarships to give their children the opportunity for a brighter future. Squash Para Todos also support their education through their English club, video club, music and more.

The courts have been enjoyed so far by the regular participating children of Squash Para Todos. Though, once schools fully reopen post pandemic restrictions, Founder & Executive Director Carlos Schonenberg intends to introduce hundreds of local children to an active and healthy lifestyle through squash.

Schonenberg recently featured at the Squash Summit 2021, presenting the concept of ‘growing backwards’ in the sport. Squash requires very specific facilities and equipment for the game as we typically know it, which reduces the accessibility and inclusivity of the sport. Schonenberg seeks to simplify this process, taking squash to the local community in an affordable way and introducing those who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to play. These courts act as an introductory springboard to the sport. Once a child is able to rally and shows enthusiasm to play, they are introduced to the high end indoor courts and facilities we are more traditionally familiar with.

Schonenberg talks more about Squash Para Todos and the intentions of the outdoor courts in the video below:

Squash Para Todos are one of the partner programmes of the PSA Foundation. This means we support their programme by offering donated squash gear through our Rebound initiative, online coaching support through the Squash Skills platform, access to the Pro Tour through SquashTV, an opportunity for a talented junior to compete on the PSA Tour and more!

Squash Para Todos recently received their yearly donations of squash gear from our Rebound initiative and the many supporters across the globe that send in their donations. All the donated rackets, balls, clothing and shoes will be used towards introducing new children to squash on their outdoor courts.