$110,000 now distributed to players after another $24,000 round of applications

Demand for financial support from players adversely affected by the pandemic and suspension of the PSA Tour remains high as another $24,000 was distributed in our most recent round of applications.

With the pandemic still taking its toll on the sport across the globe, only a handful of tournaments are taking place with strict safety precautions in place. For the majority of players on the PSA Tour, this has meant their main source of income coming to a near stop ever since the pandemic began in March 2020. The struggle has been felt most by younger players lower down the rankings who were just establishing their squash careers and breaking even financially.

With the We Are One Fund we seek to support as many of these players as possible. This is to ensure that the players we know and love are still on court and dazzling us with their performances once the pandemic is over. The PSA Foundations wants to help avoid younger players giving up on their dreams to reach the top of the game just because they cannot make their rent or afford to put food on the table while the tour is postponed.

Raising $110,000 is true testament to the community spirt of the wider squash landscape, donations coming in from individuals and organisations dotted across the globe. There is light at the end of the tunnel with more tournaments now being populated from summer 2021 onwards. However, the players still need your help until they are able to get back on Tour.

You can still donate to help keep the players in need going strong, through our current We Are One Fund fundraiser attached to the upcoming ToC Virtual 8th Annual Women’s Leadership Awards Program. To donate and find out more, follow the link below: