Webinar Hosted with Sporting Chance & PSA Tour Players on Mental Health

Sporting Chance and PSA Foundation Zoom Call
The session with Sporting Chance and the PSA Tour players looked at the signs and symptoms of someone experiencing difficulties with their mental health, what to say if you are approached by a friend about their mental health, what to do and where to signpost them to for further support.

This was a great tool for building confidence and equipping the players with knowledge on how to help support each other. It is no secret that mental health is a difficult subject for athletes. But as the pandemic continues to have significant impact on the Tour and the livelihoods of the players, it is clear that we need to be supportive of each other more now than ever.

Sporting Chance have been pivotal in our support for the players during the pandemic. If you haven’t already, go check out the amazing work that they do!

Squash player Tom Walsh on mental health and the services of sporting chance
World No. 146 Tom Walsh opens up on mental health and Sporting Chance Support

Tom recently spoke publicly on social media about the challenges to his mental health he was facing over the pandemic. He had some inspirational words to say that will do great things for encouraging other players to seek support. We are very happy about the progress Tom has made and that our partnership with Sporting Chance has helped him. On his Instagram profile he said:

It’s been a rough ride for me the last couple of months. So many challenges have come my way and I haven’t been able to cope. I have been suffering from high levels of anxiety/stress causing all kinds of negative side effects. Mental health is something I’ve never suffered from before and it’s fair to say I really let mine slip. Everything may seem fine on the surface but it’s not until you stop and check on yourself you find out how you’re really doing. It’s got to the point where enough is a enough and I’ve reached out for help. I’m posting this not for sympathy but as a message from someone who is going through it. Help is out there. Don’t be scared to reach out and seek advice. Thanks to @sportingchanceclinic and my close friends and family for helping through these tough times. I will be back