We Are One Fund Target Surpassed, Raising $90,000!

The unity and solidarity of the wider squash communities has been inspirational over the last six months as the PSA Foundation continues to support those most severely effected by the global pandemic.

When the PSA Foundation’s We Are One Fund was launched in May, we set ourselves the target of $75,000. So, to surpass this by $15,000 (and rising) is a true testament to the strength and support of the wider squash communities to help the beloved role models that compete in the professional game.

The ‘We Are One’ fund is a player-driven initiative which aims to bring the global squash community together to provide relief to the players that need urgent financial support following the COVID-19 pandemic and suspension of the PSA Tour. 100% of the funds raised are distributed to these players.

With only a small selection of tournaments returning due to the international restrictions in place to combat COVID-19, there are still players requesting financial support to help with the simplest expenses such as food bills, rent and medical expenses.

“PSA players are at the core of our sport and they have been hit hard by this pandemic, especially lower ranked and upcoming players that are the future of our sport.” said PSA Foundation Manager, Adriana Olaya. 

“Through the fund and your donations we are providing a lifeline for them to keep training and still have an income to be able to cover basic expenses. Hundreds of players have applied for the grant with 100% of the funds being distributed to players of all ages and nationalities. 

“We never expected this to last so long and even though, the Tour has been able to hold events, we are still nowhere near where we were before. We still hope to keep the fund going and are hopeful for more donations to continue helping those who need it most.” 

Hear from the players:

“These funds have helped me to come back home. Most importantly, it has given me hope to continue training. World No. 188 Miled Zarazua from Mexico.

“It really helped me trying to stay positive and motivated to train during these past months. It’s really hard to keep the head up when we struggle financially, so all the help we can get is welcomed at the moment.” World No. 73 Rui Soares from Portugal.

“I have to thank the PSA for the initiative and specially the donors because of their generosity. My income mainly comes from coaching and it’s been 4 hard months” World No. 222 Joel Jaume Izcara.

You can still donate and share the fundraising pages here: