Weekly Spotlight: Who are Squashinhos?

Squashinhos staff alongside their juniors
Squashinhos staff alongside their juniors
Squashinhos is a squash and educational development project which helps underserved children from the communities of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.
In Rio, more than 1.2 million people live in the favelas on less than £1 per day. The residents lack access to the most basic public services, such as health care, education, and space for recreation.

The communities in Rio De Janeiro struggle from a lack of community driven projects. Organised crime and gang violence are also common, while unemployment rates are high and many people work in the informal, poorly paid sector. With the creation of the Squashinhos, they seek to create a social and healthy learning environment for children, opening their eyes to another world.

Squashinhos don’t just want to create athletes, they want to help children work towards a career and graduate from high school. They aim to secure these children a future away from drugs and weapons. Four times a week they give English, Spanish and squash lessons to the children, with 40 kids currently enrolled in the project.

Squashinhos Emanuelle Nunes and João Victor holding their trophies from the Brazilian Squash Championship
Emanuelle Nunes and João Victor from Squashinhos

Squashinhos juniors Emanuelle Nunes and João Victor competed in November at the Brazilian Squash Championships, both coming home with a runner-up trophy. Emanuelle came second in the girls U17 and João in the Junior doubles. A brilliant achievement, proving hard work and determination for your passion can take you very far regardless of your background.

Squashinhos in a classroom
Squashinhos education

If you have any experience in teaching or coaching squash and would like to volunteer, Squashinhos would be delighted to hear from you!

If you are interested in being a volunteer please get in touch via email.


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