Weekly Spotlight: Who are Squash Para Todos?

Squash Para Todos at their new outdoor court in partnership with a local school

Squash Para Todos are an urban squash programme located in El Salvador, who aim to use squash to create new opportunities to the underserved communities in the country.

Their main objectives are orientated around reducing poverty, seeking a good quality education and supporting good health and wellbeing for the population they serve around them in El Salvador.

Using squash, education and the development of specific skills, their programme seeks to upskill their students and support them on their path towards achieving the goals they aspire to reach both academically, athletically and occupationally.

Squash Para Todos have found many ways to help achieve their objects over the years, none more so impressive than their innovative ways of introducing squash to communities.

In collaboration with sPorts reimaGined, the programme has been working hard to create new versions of squash courts in different areas of the communities, including public schools.

The project they have been working on seeks to grant the opportunity for the communities to experience squash for free. They have been encouraging kids to go play squash the same way you might go for a ‘kickabout’ in football or use the local public tennis or basketball courts.

Squash Para Todos coach leads local school session

Squash Para Todos have engaged with these facilities by leading sessions on the courts to introduce new juniors to the sport and intent to expand on the number of courts in the next few years with a focus on engaging more juniors and producing the next generation of players.

You can see from the video below one of the courts that has been built behind the cafeteria of a local junior school. Despite being only half a court, it has helped introduce a new wave of players to the sport.

Among their other initiatives includes also programme for juniors with down syndrome which has proven to be a big hit. The work so far has involved teaching the children of Paradise Down Foundation hand eye coordination exercises, how to warm up and some basic hitting.

Their other success stories include:
  • Seven of their students participated in the 2020 South American Junior Squash Championship in Quito, Ecuador. One student, Sebastian Campos, earned a Bronze medal in the Boys Under 17 category.
  • Three of their juniors make up the women’s U19’s El Salvador National Team. While the men’s under 19’s national team of El Salvador is entirely composed of Squash Para Todos players!
  • 21 students have received full scholarships to pursue their high school degrees in a Private School for High Performance Athletes (FESA). It’s a fantastic achievement for this programme to evidence such success both athletically and academically.
  • Different groups of students have also visited countries such as: Guatemala, Chicago USA, Tahiti, Costa Rica and Paraguay
  • One student was selected to represent the programme on a European Tour which included volunteering at the Open de France – Nantes tournament and competing at the Danish Junior Open.
How to Support Squash Para Todos

You can support Squash Para Todos by donating to their parent NGO Glasswing International. Their mission is to address the root causes and consequences of violence and poverty through education and health programs that empower youth and communities, and strengthen public systems throughout Latin America. You can donate below: