World Squash Day Internationally Celebrated

World Squash Day was an international celebration that organisations, clubs and groups all over the globe took part in to celebrate our great game and encourage more people to pick up a racket for the first time.

Here are some headline results of the occasion provided by the Founder of World Squash Day, Alan Thatcher:

  • Close to one million engagements on social media.
  • Almost 5,000 new players in England alone.
  • All over the world, good people doing great things to showcase squash.
  • TV coverage in numerous countries, plus some excellent movies created by clubs and federations.
  • Thousands of people putting their heart and soul into this game, showing great energy and passion to attract new players … and a real hunger to get the right people into positions of leadership in clubs, committees and federations to drive the game forward.

The date is already set for next year: 10/10/20.

The PSA Foundation’s Involvement

The PSA Foundation played an active role in promoting and encouraging engagement with World Squash Day. This included initiating conversations with national squash federations across the globe, encouraging them to pass on the relevant messages to their clubs and passing them the resources to get started on hosting activities.

We also hosted the World Squash Day map where clubs could showcase their activities to the international squash community.

Alongside this, we also offered prizes for clubs publicly celebrating their activities on social media.  

It was truly fantastic and enlightening to see activities taking place in societies away from the wider squash communities of countries more typically associated with the sport.

It’s encouraging to be involved in a sport that can be enjoyed and celebrated across all cultures and backgrounds.

Here are just some of the photos that caught our attention over social media: