PSA Foundation Partners up with Programme from El Salvador; Squash Para Todos

We are delighted to expand on the number of programmes we support, with this new and very exciting addition from El Salvador. As we continue to grow, we endeavour to seek out new programmes we can help grow bigger and stronger.

Through the daily operations of Squash Para Todos, their main objectives are oriented around reducing poverty, seeking a good quality education, and supporting good health and wellbeing for the population they serve around them in El Salvador.

Check out the below promotional video on their work from 2017.

Since this video, they now host 70 weekly participating juniors taking part in squash sessions, educational support and life skills workshops. Not only this, but they also host a programme for juniors with down syndrome which has proven to be a big hit.

Squash Para Todos is also about to launch a new initiative to bring squash to local public schools, using an innovative new mobile squash court they have personally developed to showcase the sport and improve accessibility. See the video below:

The successful engagement of the programme with its local communities has also inspired similar programmes to set up in neighbouring countries with the advice and guidance of Squash Para Todos. This includes a new programme in Guatemala with 12 weekly juniors taking part already, another in Paraguay which will be launched imminently and a couple others looking likely in the near future.

They fund a large chunk of their work through a clothing brand they have created called sPortsreimaGined:

Squash Para Todos is also supported by Glasswing International, a innovative non-profit that addresses the root causes of poverty and violence through: Education, Health & Community Empowerment. Being incubated under Glasswing International allows Squash Para Todos to receive donations through their financial structure, and guarantees the sustainability of their programme.

Squash Para Todos has only been around for four years and the impact and domino effect of their work is becoming increasingly evident. It’s safe to say that the future is very bright for this programme and the PSA Foundation looks forward to helping and being a part of this process.