Chapel Allerton Squash Club Launch Programme to Encourage Youth Participation

PSA Foundation at Chapel Allerton

This month saw the launch of the new Chapel Allerton Lawn Tennis & Squash Rackets Cubed Programme, in partnership with the PSA Foundation.

The programme saw 30 kids from Hovingham Primary School take part in the start of an 11-week trial of the Rackets Cubed programme which combines squash, education and nutrition to improve the health and wellbeing of the local school from a high IDACI (Income deprivation affecting children index) area.

Of the 30 youngsters taking part, only one had ever stepped foot onto a squash court before, and for a large portion of the children it was their first time even hearing of the sport, creating a completely new and exciting experience for them. 

The programme highlights the great impact squash can have on local communities when they reach out to those around them.

These programmes encourage working with the local community to open them up to the world of squash and all the benefits it can offer.

A teacher from Hovingham Primary School who came down with the children at the launch said: “The children had a fantastic first session at Chapel Allerton Squash Club.

“They are all complete novices to the sport; most have never seen a game of squash being played let alone held a squash racket, but they loved every minute.

“They can’t wait to get back on the squash court and I’m confident that their weekly sessions will really develop their skills and hopefully encourage some of them to take up the sport in the future.”

If you would be interested in setting up a community outreach programme at your club, please do get in touch with us at: foundation@psaworldtour.com

Together, with our partners at Rackets Cubed, we can help you open your doors to the wider local community.