Former World No.1 Willstrop Promotes Women’s Participation in Squash

Willstrop Women's Squash Day

England’s former World No.1 James Willstrop has stressed the importance of getting more women and juniors involved in squash following an event hosted by the Englishman at Pontefract Squash Club in collaboration with the PSA Foundation.

The event, held at Pontefract Squash Club, brought together women from different squash clubs in Yorkshire from all levels and ages for a fun afternoon of clinics, training drills and sessions followed by an open discussion about women in squash.  

The afternoon was aimed towards growing the participating of women in squash and encourage the attendance of women and juniors at PSA events and Willstrop explained why he felt the need to get involved.

“It’s usually groups of men in the crowd,” commented England’s Willstrop.

“We don’t see many women or children watching, so I really felt the need to do something about this, when even I was struggling to bring my young boys to tournaments because there was no space for them to hang out and be kids.”

 “This is the first of many events that the PSA Foundation want to host at different clubs to bring more women in squash together,” said PSA Foundation Manager, Adriana Olaya.

“We are very lucky to have ambassadors like James, who is committed to increasing the attendance of women and kids to more squash events and to become more involved in squash in general.”

Willstrop at the Women's Squash Event

Women who attended the event added: “It’s fantastic to get on court with a top player like James and just enjoy it. He really is fantastic and helped us feel comfortable no matter what level we were.”

Another said: “What we love about playing is the social and casual aspect to it. It’s a sport that keeps us fit at every age, but it’s also very fun and sociable.

“It’s great that the PSA Foundation is helping us connect with more women locally so we can all come together, play and meet more people.”