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The Love To Be 12 DJ’s for Squash has chosen the PSA Foundation’s We Are One Fund as their partner charity!

Supporting the players of the PSA Tour adversely affected by the global pandemic.
12 DJ’s, 12 hours, £12,000 target.

Target: £12,000

14% funded


The Love To Be 12 DJ’s for Squash takes place on the 12th of March from 12.00:pm to 12.00:am (GMT) with guest artists including three-time World Champion Ramy Ashour, PSA World Tour commentator Paul Johnson, former DJ and Welsh Champion Jehtro Binns and more legends from the game! Former players coming together to support current players through their passion for music and squash. Read more here. You will be able to tune in on any of the below Love To Be Platforms:

Please note: If you are a US citizen, donate using the below form to qualify for tax benefits. For outside the US, we accept donations in a variety of currencies and our payment gateways will not charge you a fee for this, we advise you to check with your debit/credit card provider if they charge any fees for making donations to a US account.

Please note: Please note: If you are a UK citizen, donate using this form to add 25% onto your donation, absolutely free. This form is linked to the PSA Foundation with charity status in England and Wales.


If you have any issues completing your donation, please report your issue to foundation@psaworldtour.com



March 16, 2021


Lucy Day

March 12, 2021

Awesome 👏



March 12, 2021

L2b legends. Thankyou


Scott Fitzgerald

March 12, 2021

So good. Had to do another donation. Amazing work form the Love to be and all the djs today.


Natalie Grainger

March 12, 2021

Good luck all! And great idea!


Ted Wu

March 12, 2021


Jack Hunden

March 12, 2021


Ian Hudson

March 12, 2021


Bradley Ball

March 12, 2021


Graham Brown

March 12, 2021

🎶🙏🏻 Squash!

Anonymous User


March 12, 2021

Anonymous User


March 12, 2021

What is it?

The ‘We Are One’ fund is a player-driven initiative which aims to bring the squash community together by providing relief to PSA players that are in need of urgent financial support due to the effects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and suspension of the PSA Tour.

Thanks to the generosity of the squash community, $110,000 has already been distributed. However, there are still players in need of financial support to help with the simplest of expenses such as food bills, rent and medical costs. Help us to ensure the professional players we know and love remain safe, healthy and can continue to compete in the sport that we all love during this difficult time! 

“These funds have helped me to come back home. Most importantly, it has given me hope to continue training. I am very thankful to anyone who has contributed to this initiative. These are harsh times and solidarity is hard to find. I am sure your donations have eased pain. Rest assured that I am giving my 100 percent in order for me to display my best level of squash once we get back.”

World No. 188 Miled Zarazua from Mexico.

“It really helped me trying to stay positive and motivated to train during these past months. It’s really hard to keep the head up when we struggle financially, so all the help we can get is welcomed at the moment.”

World No. 73 Rui Soares from Portugal.

“I have to thank the PSA for the initiative and specially the donors because of their generosity. My income mainly comes from coaching and it’s been 4 hard months. Summer is also a bad season for coaching and this summer even worse, so this money will help me so much to keep playing when the tour resumes and to keep training where I need. Again, Thank you very much to everyone who have participated in this initiative.”

World No. 222 Joel Jaume Izcara.