PSA World Tour players attended the PSA Foundation’s Hong Kong Post Squash Career event, in which they were able to hear from a range of speakers from different backgrounds and industries to help them maximise their playing years and plan for a life after squash.

The Post Squash Career Day – which was held at Hong Kong Football Club and attended by over 40 players - offers players educational and networking opportunities that open a realm of business possibilities, for now and the future, that will allow them to maximise their opportunities during their playing years and plan for a transition following retirement.

The networking event was hosted by Brian MacDougall - who is a PSA Foundation trustee - and sponsored by St. James’s Place and included speakers from different industries, who passed on their advice on business, how to transition into the working world and how they can make the most of their attributes.

MacDougall has lived in Hong Kong for over 30 years and successfully made the transition from squash into the business world and shared his experience and knowledge with the players in attendance.

"It's very important for squash players to realise that they have "personality capital" now, while they are still playing and people are interested in them,” said MacDougall.

“If they don't make the most of those connections now, that appeal will wear out in the future and it will be harder for them to cultivate a support network.”

Stephen Gollop, who works for Bridge Wealth Management, a partner practice of St. James’s Place Wealth Management, also spoke at the event and added: "We wanted to get involved because we think it’s very important for athletes to realise that they have a lot of qualities that companies are looking for.

“Most of the time players don't know how to maximise them and transition into a whole different career after squash. We want to help them think about their future now."

Players who attended the evening also commented on how they felt they have benefited from the advice given and admitted it has given them something to think about when it comes to planning for a life after squash.

“It was a really good event,” said Australia’s World No.19 Cameron Pilley.

“It made us realise how lucky we are as squash players, who get to meet so many people that can help us during and after our careers. It made us think about how we can make the most of our playing years and plan ahead.”

Egypt’s World No.8 and Women’s U.S. Open winner, Nour El Tayeb, added: “I will definitely start talking to more people at tournaments and events.

“I wasn’t really thinking about it that much because I’m still young but it’s made me realise I should do it and I would invite all the young players to do it too.”

America’s World No.13, Olivia Blatchford, added: “I have already talked to some of the speakers who have happily agreed to help me.

“It’s been a really useful evening and I hope we have more in different parts of the world.”