Rackets Cubed engaging Schoolchildren with squash, education and healthy eating! 

“I wish all my friends knew about squash because it’s a very fun game to play!”

 The PSA Foundation unite squash communities globally, growing the sport and supporting organisations that develop the game across the globe. 

Increasing participation in the sport at all ages and levels is a key component of our work, with the Foundation engaging with clubs, organisations and more across the world to encourage this. 

One amazing example of this is Rueben, who was first introduced to squash at the Manchester Open 2022 as part of activation work we do with schoolchildren local to PSA Tournaments. 


Through one of our partner organisations, Rackets Cubed, he was able to pick up the sport and then to continue to play: developing his squash skills, passion for the sport and much more. 


Rackets Cubed is a UK registered charity that delivers an integrated programme comprising racket sports, STEM education and a healthy nutritious meal as part of weekly activities to key stage two pupils in deprived areas – providing the children with key benefits of active participation in sport, enhanced education and an introduction to a healthy diet.   


Carrie Cantle, Rackets Cubed Program Director, said: 

‘Rackets Cubed is dedicated to having a positive impact on young children’s lives, aiming to raise aspirations, and improve mental and physical health. 

“The fact that Rackets Cubed was a spring board for Rueben to continue playing squash in Manchester is a great example of the kind of impact we can have.”  

“We are so pleased Rueben has found a love of squash through Rackets Cubed and we hope to inspire many more children like Rueben.’ 


During the Manchester Open 2023, the PSA Foundation and Manchester Active will be getting over a thousand schoolchildren into squash with our activation sessions. 

These activation sessions give practical intro to squash, including use of the electronic Multiball Wall  

This exciting  technology brings the game to life, making the sport inviting for all ages with a mix of physical activity and gaming. 

They will also take a seat to watch to watch world-class squash on display, as well as the opportunity to meet some of the tour’s best players