Squash Sin Limites coaches getting training
The future coaches of Squash Sin Limites in training
The PSA Foundation (PSAF) is delighted to announce a new partnership with Argentinian programme Squash Sin Limites which will see the Foundation support the programme in a range of new initiatives.

Squash Sin Limites (which translates as Squash Unlimited) is based in Cordoba, Argentina, and is a brand new charity launched this year. The programme has been inspired by the model of community squash programmes that can be seen internationally. They will use squash, education and personal development to improve quality of life for local underserved children.

The PSA Foundation will support Squash Sin Limites by donating squash gear through PSAF’s ‘Rebound’ initiative, giving them access to coaching content through partners at SquashSkills, providing free access to the world’s best players via SQUASHTV, and granting access to a wider network of other international programmes to share ideas and resources.

Squash Sin Limites was inspired by PSAF partners Squash Para Todos and their Founder and Executive Director, Carlos Schonenberg. He gave a talk at this years South America Squash Congress about their work to use squash and education to improve quality of life for local underserved children and their recent outdoor community court creations to spearhead these efforts.

Future coaches of Squash Sin Limites
Future coaches of Squash Sin Limites

The President of Squash Sin Limites Javier Gonzalez, & Secretary Alejandro Sauchelli, outlined where they aim to go with their new programme:


Through the teaching and practice of squash and its innovative adaptations to reach wider audiences, we will communicate the core values of the sport to local children and young people. Squash champions values such as humility, spirit of improvement, effort, respect and overall personal development in the face of challenge, achieving ones goals and making friends for life.

Our plan is to introduce trained squash coaches in multiple public sports centres and host junior training sessions for local underserved children. In Cordoba, we will spearhead the inclusion of squash as a readily available sport within the communities we reach.

Master Plan:

Our master plan consists of the installation of public courts in Municipal or Provincial Sports or Educational Centres. Our courts will not be limited to its traditional shape and size, adapting to the spaces available for grass roots introductions to the sport. At every opportunity we will adapt the game to ensure accessibility to the sport for all.

The elements for sports practice will be provided by the FSSL as well as its instructors, teachers or trainers, who will coordinate with those responsible for each of the establishments the days and times available.

PSAF is seeing more charity community squash programmes being created, all with the aim of utilising squash towards improving quality of life where it can have the greatest impact. 

Squash Sin Limites presents a slightly different and new angle. Instead of focusing on one particular hub of operation, they seek to establish a strong network of coaches that can operate at various centres for sport. The game of squash will be adapted where necessary to ensure its inclusion with other well known sports.

The court adaptations Alejandro speaks of, inspired by El Salvador-based Squash Para Todos, can be seen below:

school squash court
Built into a local primary school behind their cafeteria
school squash court
Half court built on school grounds
Outdoor community squash courts
New public courts built in El Salvador through Squash Para Todos