ZEST Junior Receives Support from PSA Foundation to Compete on the PSA Tour

Zimbabwe squash player Innocent Mukumba receiving an award
The PSA Foundation works with a variety of community-based squash programmes located in underserved areas, that uses squash, often combined with education, as a means of introducing a more promising future and active and healthy lifestyle to juniors.

One means of support we include in these partnerships, is offering a place for talented juniors from these programmes the opportunity to compete on the PSA Tour. The first programme to receive this support was Egoli Squash from South Africa, and the talented Amukelani Zitha.

We are now pleased to say we are now also supporting Innocent Mukumba, from the Zimbabwe Education and Squash Trust (ZEST). Innocent is currently ranked No. 1 in the Zimbabwe Under 23 category, is two-time Under 23 champion and ranked No. 3 in the Zimbabwe national rankings.

Squash is played across all corners of the globe, we are delighted to support another junior from a country not so often represented within the sport and to give a talented junior the opportunity as a professional squash player.

We caught up with Innocent to ask him about this opportunity and his journey so far:

Innocent, congratulations on receiving the free PSA Foundation membership to compete on the PSA Tour – what does this opportunity mean to you?

This opportunity means a lot to me because I have dedicated most of my time for this moment and it’s a lifetime opportunity which few people can get. I’m very excited, it has always been my dream to play professional squash.

How much has your life changed since becoming involved with ZEST?

My life has changed so fast that I can not believe myself. This has given me an opportunity to fly around the World and rubbing shoulders with most prominent squash gurus. I have also got an opportunity to know a lot in life for example fashionable gear, appropriate squash kit, and knowing the best to be in life. Ways of communicating with different people.

How important has ZEST been in terms of helping children lead better lives through squash?

ZEST has been a true life changer to it’s students. We have learned how to work with other students from different backgrounds and abilities. It has been important on changing the way they see or think not only on the court but in real life. It has given most students life opportunities such as, scholarships, jobs through playing leagues and tournaments. Students got a once in life opportunity to play squash through ZEST because squash is not a cheap game to play. This opportunity came through in form of free coaching, free club membership and all the squash kit provided as well. ZEST is an amazing program in our country.